Please update your Zuluaga Family Distribution List with your latest contact details

Hi Zuluaga Family Members!

Most of you would be aware that Facebook is constantly changing what is displayed on your own Facebook timelines. I have noticed a marked decrease in views for our Zuluaga Family Network group on Facebook particular on posts related to our forthcoming.

I suspect this is driven by their desire to make money by getting groups, organisations and businesses to pay to boost viewership of the various posts.  There is nothing wrong with that as one can expect that they should be able to monetise our free use of their social network.

Unfortunately, I have received more emails from family members asking for information and developments on our Zuluaga Family Reunion in San Sebastian for May 2016.

Going forward I will be making announcements and updates using both email marketing and Facebook posts which I hope will ensure maximum distribution and timely updates for all of you.

Please update your email and contact details at