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Our branch of the Zuluaga family ancestry has been traced to the town Ibarrangelu located in the Bizkaia province of the Basque region in Spain (see map below). Our ancestral Zuluaga's moved to Ibarrangelu from the nearby Natxitua a small hamlet about a kilometre distant. The move to Ibarrangelu from Natxitua was made sometime between the birth of Francisco Bentura in 1818 and Maria Rafaela in 1821 - children of Martin Vicente de Zuluaga y Lartitegui [Click on Martin's link for ancestor tree] and Maria Bentura de Vidasolo y Galdiz.

Our oldest researched Zuluaga ancestor is Manuel (Martin) de Zuluaga y Longa however we have had more success with his wife Magdalena de Lartitegui y Olagorta. Researching back to her grand parents Antonio de Lartitegui y Guendica Veytia and Maria Ana de Meaurio y Aguirre. Her parents Juan de Lartitegui y Meaurio and Ana Maria de Olagorta y Vidasolo who were married 16 Sep 1777 in Parroquia de Santa María de la Consolación de Ea - Natxitua. Clearly in those days your search for a partner normally meant from the same town or nearby town. You can view our Lartitegui family ancestry here.

The original Zuluaga surname comes from houses in Ceanuri, Durango, y en el Valle de Oyarzun (San Sebastian, Guipuzcoa).  Its meaning is "Lugar de Cuevas" (place of caves).  Perhaps the site of the original house was near some caves.  There was not very much information on the significance or meaning.  Most of the heraldic books did not mention a meaning.  The Zuluaga coat of arms is divided into two halves vertically. The left side is a field of silver upon which a green oak with golden fruit is suspended (it's roots are showing). The right side is a chequered pattern of gold and red.

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