Next Zuluaga Family Reunion in Donostia-San Sebastian Spain May 2016

After receiving numerous feedback from many interested family members and further research on the best shoulder period for our forthcoming Zuluaga Family Reunion in Donostia-San Sebastian Spain ( we can now advise everyone that it will be from May 2016.

Let's start our advance planning to ensure we get maximum participation and attendance at this Zuluaga Family Reunion. We will post a schedule of activities to make it fun for everyone and to maximise the opportunities to catch up with each other while enjoying the sights. sounds, tastes and adventures in Basque Spain.

Our closing Zuluaga Family Reunion survey on the dates and next location for this family reunion results are as follows.

Reunion country of choice by Family Group/Family Members:

  • Spain: 49% / 48%
  • Philippines: 25% / 28%
  • USA: 17% / 15%
  • Australia: 9% / 9%

The reunion year is 2016

The feedback distribution is:

  • USA: 43%
  • Philippines: 29%
  • Australia: 24%
  • Spain, Denmark, Japan & Argentina: 1% each